Bridging mainstream software to the blockchain

Open Money


An ecosystem to solve blockchain monetization and distribution for mainstream app developers


API Platform

Easy to integrate APIs and SDKs designed to take cryptocurrency into mainstream software products  

Monetization & Distribution

Mainstream software on the blockchain

A major step towards cryptocurrency based monetization and distribution 

App developers will have the power to distribute their hit software and mobile apps on the blockchain


Currently no seamless app integration tools exist for digital token in-app purchase acceptance

To foster the use of cryptocurrency in mainstream software and solve blockchain distribution for app developers

The OPEN Platform will be the way for mainstream software developers to both distribute and monetize with crypto

Rocket fuel to drive blockchain acceptance

Our Mission

An ecosystem has to be in place to support mainstream software developers aiming to deploy apps to the blockchain world

We are providing the building blocks of that ecosystem to attract mainstream software on the blockchain

True Value

Why are smash hit apps with proven business models only operating in the fiat world?

We found that

OPEN Platform API

Open Money connects software developers to the untapped
$100 billion+ in digital currency

As experienced developers in the industry we asked...

Developers are eager to harness the $100 billion in liquid cryptocurrency that is digital but are unable to do so, as the tools available are limited and lack ease of implementation

Open Money's team of experienced developers in the app space are solving major road blocks:

Enabling these two massive multi billion dollar markets to tap into each other

A Platform Made for App Developers By App Developers

App developers with apps in the fiat world via app stores, with policies against cryptocurrency only utilizing half of their potential revenue. This is leaving out the multi billion dollar cryptocurrency market entirely

Enabling Developers


New Markets

OPEN Token Highlights

OPEN Token will be the premium currency used to make in-app purchases with our APIs, however the platform fully supports and accept all major digital tokens

Purchases made with the OPEN Token will receive
a premium value compared to other digital currencies

The Open Money token will utilize a smart contract on the blockchain, equipped with measures to prevent fraud and improve monetization options

The OPEN Token

For the same amount of BTC or ETH for an app purchase of $100 the OPEN Token's premium would yield $120

Design With Monetization 

In Mind

Smart Monetization

OPEN Token at a Glance

Consumers earn a premium on in-app purchases with OPEN Token

Prevention of fraudulent purchases benefits everyone

Developers stop paying for unwanted fiat-based chargebacks

Though all currencies are accepted, the OPEN Token carries a unique premium as the monetization model of Open Money


Anti Fraud

No Chargebacks

Block Chain Problem

Tried. Tested. True. Monetization 

Vision Conceived

The OPEN Platform is Free for Developers

Q3 2016

With Open Money


Transactions utilizing the OPEN Token will only charge a 0.5 - 0.75% processing fee

Solution Conceived

Without Open Money


Current app distribution platforms charge 30% of all transactions. This leaves developers with 70% of the revenue


Members of the Open Money team struggle with how to easily incorporate their successful fiat based apps onto the blockchain

Open Money was conceived to not only solve our problem but to enable all developers within our industry to utilize future ERC20 tokens with or without restrictive app stores

Token Sale Planned

Experienced Team Acquired

Q1 2017

Developers interested in the OPEN Platform open for beta access

Funds raised for the development of the Open Money platform for all developers to bring proven successful apps to the blockchain without rebuilding their apps in blockchain

Token Sale

The Open Money platform development begins. Management team and engineering team is already in place


First features of the Open Money platform, initially tailored toward app developers is launched with promotional budget and launch partners offering their apps and games with the Open Money Token

Q2 2018

First Deliverable


Development Begins


Developer Better Program

Developer Program

API & SDK Beta

Q3 2017


Q3 2018


Roger Jin

From architecting a mainstream app with 50 million+ downloads, to developing digital projects for major brands like Toyota and Adidas, to being featured in both New York Times and CNBC, to guest speaking to engineers at Yahoo on mobile growth, to being tasked with leading the deployment of the Asia-Pacific head quarters of a billion dollar software company

The Open Money team has a track record of strong technical achievement.

  • Formerly director of two publicly traded companies
  • Key operations role in two acquisitions totalling over $80M
  • Launched bootstrapped fintech startup that produced 7 + figures in just over a year
  • Advisor for NPO with $10M in funded projects 


Allison Kapps


  • Worked directly with a DoublePlay client to build a project from concept to completion
  • Strong technical background DevOps at Oracle, Mobile Developer at Compass

Fiz Kassam

Vincent Vuong

Ken Sangha

Dennis Lewis

  • Past founded a fast-growing social food platform 
  • Successfully funded social food platform
  • Received backing from MaRSDD and Velocity Accelerator at UW
  • Avid technology product manager and visionary

  • Bootstrapped multi million dollar consumer technology startup
  • Featured on New York Times, CNBC, Business Insider
  • Founded partnerships and distribution deals with Amazon and Walmart

Steven Zhang

Derek Waterman



  • Lead developer for Stick RPG
    40 million+ downloads
  • Lead large scale digital media projects for Adidas, Toyota, Kelloggs 
  • 14+ years in app game development 
  • Past CTO of successful casino app developer and real money gaming operation
  • Invited speaker various institutions and universities on the topic of game development

  • Product designer with deep understanding of UX and UI methodologies, as well as user-centered problem solving
  • Design work aided in acquiring multi-million dollar investments, as well as more than 50% growth in MRR
  • Advisor and design consultant on multiple startups and business ventures with focus on UX improvements, product development, and UI design

  • Lead $20mm Series A for Big Viking Games
  • Pioneering partner for Facebook Messenger Games & Apps Platform
  • 7+ years in tech finance & gaming industry

Learn About Our Team:

John Gardiner



  • Former President 
  • GrowthX VC - Founding Partner

  • 11+ years of technical project management experience
  • Project lead bringing projects valued over $200 million to success
  • Proven expertise in managing costs, resources, planning, and budgeting

Will Bunker



  • Technical Editor of the book 'Mastering Bitcoin' (O'Reilly)
  • Wrote first Mining, Exchanges, Wallets Course for O'Reilly 

Alvin Lau

Lorne Lantz




  • Leads Global Business Development for McDonald's Digital
  • Grew Kiip from 100 partnerships to over 3,000 app partnerships

Andrew Leung

Kunaal Arya

  • Deployed Asia Pacific headquarters and lead new team for Billion dollar software company Pivotal Labs
  • Lead Architect and Design on Grinder app 50 million+ downloads
  • Lead the development of Viacom's video streaming suite
  • Lead engineering team for Facebook for Blackberry 10 OS and scaled for over 1 million daily actives


  • Scaled real money casino app development company to 8-figures
    and achieved #1 in iTunes UK 
  • Grew average spend in app from
    $300 to $3000 USD per user
  • Invited technology speaker at Yahoo Inc, & Flurry 
  • Professional advisor, mentor and operations consultant to multiple startups and accelerators 

  • Successfully lead to market and exited multiple startups
  • 14 + years of marketing and management experience
  • Strong multi channel marketing experience





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